History and Present

The Český Šternberk castle was built around 1241 by Zdeslav of Divišov, who named it after his coat of arms, an eight-pointed star, calling it Sternberg (Stern = star, Berg = mountain, Šternberk is the Czech spelling) according to the custom at the time of using German place-names. He also adopted the new territorial surname “ze Sternberga” (of Sternberg).
One notable and unusual fact is that the castle is still held by the same family today. The current owner is the 20th generation descendant of the founder.
In 1467 the castle was captured and later renovated in the late Gothic style. Improvements were made especially to the castle defenses, such as a south-facing projecting bastion built en bec (with a sharp beak) called the Dungeon, which today serves as a look-out point. Extensive early Baroque renovations were carried out in the second half of the 1600s, when the castle no longer served its original defensive purposes and more care was taken to ensure the comfort of its inhabitants. Since that time the stone walls of this Gothic castle have been home to a chateau interior. After the lifestyle changes in the early 20th century the castle was fitted with electricity, indoor plumbing and central heating.
We would like to invite you to take a tour of the castle, during which you can visit 15 richly appointed rooms furnished in the style of various historical periods, meet important members of the Sternberg family and catch a glimpse of their way of life. You can also learn about the unique Šternberk collection of copper engravings from the Thirty Years’ War, which is one of the largest monothematic collections of engravings in Europe.

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